The Campamento

The Campamento offers casual and cozy sustainable basics for kids who love to explore and adventure. The Spanish brand’s philosophy is to celebrate the diversity of nature and create clothing that encourages children to explore their natural surroundings and play with the ‘gifts of nature’. The Campamento collections make a statement about the beauty of childhood and the importance of staying connected to nature, and their clothes make the perfect gift for any mother or young one who is passionate about the environment and the beauty of the natural world. We love their cozy sweaters, turtlenecks and tops, comfortable trousers and leggings, and soft, laid-back dresses. The clothing is comfortable and timeless, with a hint of nostalgia that reminds us of our favourite Wes Anderson characters. This is truly a children’s clothing label that let’s kids be kids and creates pieces and looks that celebrate the freedom, curiosity and energy of childhood, while also taking a sustainable approach to kids’ fashion.