Studio Boheme

Studio Boheme makes beautiful organic pima cotton basics for babies and toddlers. Designs are deliberately minimalist and made from quality fabrics that feel good to wear and leave delicate skin happy. Instead of the traditional baby blues and baby pinks, the Studio Boheme’s colour palette consists of muted, sophisticated neutrals inspired by nature and chosen for their soft, cozy and calming aesthetic. The brand’s cult piece is their take on baby body. The expertly designed Studio Boheme ‘body bébé’ is soft and natural against baby’s skin and allows little legs and arms complete ease and freedom of movement. The onesie is described by the brand’s founder Kim Le Thé as a garment as comfortable and essential to a baby’s wardrobe as the t-shirt is to an adult’s. In addition to onesies and bodies, the brand also makes great quality separates, including leggings and long-sleeved tees for little ones. All garments are made in Portugal under strict ethical and environmental standards.

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