Leçons de Choses

Leçons de Choses is an offbeat, vintage brand offering delightful accessories and school bags for kids of all ages. Trained as a fashion designer and living in Paris, Magali Arbib decided to devote herself to her passion and set about designing the coolest kids luggage around. Inspired by her son and his love for skateboarding, Leçons de Choses was born. Today she combines the world of art with that of her children through her luggage collection. As a mother, she realised the importance of having light, practical and comfortable school bags. Working with pediatricians Arbib has created bags that will make every journey to school a breeze for kids.  Across her collection, you can find bags in a variety of colours from striking yellow, to deep red, all incredibly comfortable to wear. Not only that but they are practical too, with reflective tapes keeping kids safe on the road.

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