Having just celebrated their 5-year anniversary, Blune is the brainchild of two best friends, Eve, the blonde, and Laurance, the brunette. As you might have guessed, Blune is the word you get when you combine blonde and brunet- a name that wonderfully brings together two women with a bold mission for fashion. These two founders have a built visionary brand, reimagining classic looks but with collections that ooze quirkiness and fun. Designed in the heart of Paris, Blune is fashion house unique to France, offering original designs, and most importantly soft materials that your little one can enjoy wearing all day long. Expect rainbow sweatshirts, bold prints and delightfully girly skirts. What we love about Blune is the message of friendship and love that is woven into everything this playful brand does, from their designs to how they manufacture their clothes. With all their factories in Europe, this is a brand that cares for the environment too.